So, you’re losing your Church members – What’cha gon do?

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If you want to know how to revive your church, and how to bring back the old members and bring in new members, we have provided a list of 5 effective ways to revamp and revitalize your church to bring in new faces, and keep old ones.

  1. There needs to be an effective outreach! Send out a special calling post message inviting members to an “Old School” party, with music for the older members, food, dancing and an overall great time!
  2. Reach out to the local Colleges and Universities and get students to participate in youth lock-ins or community service events that the Church is having.
  3. Dedicate one Sunday to have a “College Day” and allow students from local Colleges and Universities to wear their college paraphernalia. Older members of the church may wear their college’s gear as well to represent their Alma Mater. This will allow older members to connect with the younger/new members of the Church on a different level. Also, if college students already belong to the church, this day will open up the possibility for them to invite their college friends to church. If their friends like the church they will be swayed to join and become a member.
  4. Incorporate interactive, social events such as a retreat or an outing to the movies, to attract people to the Church and bring members closer to each other. If members have opportunities to get involved with activities outside of the Church environment, they will enjoy coming back to the Church for more events and experiences.
  5. Be open to new endeavors. Survey members of the church to get their opinion about new things they would like to see the church do. Do not be stuck on tradition; reach out to the church members and listen to new ideas they may have to incorporate into the church. Keep an open mind and be receptive of change.

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