Your logo and your tag line are a part of your Brand — a necessary step in marketing your ministry.

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 As the president and CEO of First Class, Inc., a thirty-eight year old Atlanta-based public relations/ marketing /community relations firm, we have assisted many corporations, organizations, and individuals with their marketing, public relations, and media relations needs.   In 2010, we wrote a book entitled  “Getting the Word Out:  How to Market Your Ministry.   I will be posting some worthwhile tips for church marketing during the up coming months.  Let me hear from you about subjects you want me to write about.  Click on the link shown here and call our office.

 Branding –  this term is tossed around quite a bit lately;  but many of us might not understand just what a brand is all about, or the process of branding.

 Creating a Tag Line and Logo for your Church

Let’s do away with the notion that your logo is your brand.  Branding is verb; and branding is a never-ending process.  Your brand is your image.

 Here’s the advice:

Your tag line and your logo – two elements of your brand – should reflect the mission of your church and an even clearer understanding of the collective vision of your church members.

 Logically, the tag line comes first.  The words in your tag line should capture and describe your vision.  The tag line can be serious and reverent; or it can be unique and “catchy.” But it must be a distinctive, short statement.  The challenge is to make the tag line ALL of these things.

 The tagline can be developed with a few creative and thoughtful minds working together.  Write down all words – nouns and adjectives –  you want to be considered in the tag line; and put these words together in a variety of formats. 

 The logo is usually a visual statement of your tag line.  Some logos are simply the name of the organization with distinctive fonts.  The logo design should be easy to read – so watch the style of the fonts.  It should be striking and recognizable.  Avoid using too many colors in the logo; the more colors, the more difficult and expensive it is to reproduce.  This is where you might choose to spend a few dollars on a good graphic designer.


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