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Getting the WORD out has a lot of meaning(s). As we are challenged to get the WORD out – meaning the message of God so people can hear it; we are also challenged on how to get the WORD of God out – meaning the actual WORD that comes from what Jesus has spoken and that is written down in the scriptures. Sometimes God’s Word is misunderstood. Let us take a look at God’s word as told to us about the challenge that God placed in the hands of Noah.

And, there is nothing wrong about having a little fun with our understanding of God’s WORD.

Many of the things that I learned about life, I learned from studying Noah and the Ark.*

First of all… it is important not to miss the boat. Do not be late; make it a habit to be on time.

But it is also necessary to remember that all of us are not in the same boat. What is good for some of us is not necessarily good for all of us.

We must plan ahead; it was not raining when Noah started to build the Ark.

Keep your body in shape – be physically fit. When you get old (maybe not 600 years old), you might have to do some heavy lifting. You might be needed to help a child, or tackle a big job, when you get older.

Consider who is giving you advice. If you get too much advice from critics, you might get side tracked.  Continue on with the job or task you are assigned to do that God has put on your heart.

Build your future on higher ground. Take the high road. Or like Michelle O says, “they go low, we go high.”

Travel in pairs to be safe. Remember that two heads are better than one. Or, take a witness along with you when you need verification of what you’re doing.

Rushing to complete a job, might not be the best approach. Speed is not always an advantage. The snails got on the Ark along with the cheetahs.

When you don’t know exactly what to do, float a while. When you are confused about what to do, sit still for a period of time.

Another thing to think on – the Ark was not built by professionals, like the Titanic; the Ark was built by Noah, who was a child of God.

Finally, no matter how rough the storm, the wind and the rain, when you travel with GOD, there is always a rainbow at the end.

But, remember to watch out for the woodpeckers along the way.

*some of these clever words were borrowed from a friend.

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