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Getting The Word Out:
How To Market Your Ministry — 2nd edition is on the market.

Introducing a new and valuable book –
Getting the Word Out: How to Market Your Ministry – for the church, the minister and the ministries.

Book with buy now button– A beneficial and well-regarded publication for the church, the minister and the ministry leader.

Bunnie Jackson-Ransom put her unique combination of marketing knowledge, public relations skill, professional abilities and almost forty years of experience into this book entitled Getting The Word Out: How To Market Your Ministry.  The one-hundred plus page book was created to give insights into the many potential ways to spread the gospel of deliverance and evangelism in the 21st century.  The second edition of the book expands on many emerging tools and techniques and delves into crisis media management within the church.

Getting The Word Out: How To Market Your Ministry(first edition–2009; and second edition–2014) is a hands-on, step-by-step instructional guide that provides practical advice on communicating within the structure of the church. It is also a tool for evangelism that offers up-to-date techniques to help “get the word out” to the broader community, enhancing the image of the church and its ministries, in order to grow the church. This is a virtual guide showing how marketing principles can be applied to the affairs of the church.
First published by The Interdenominational Theological Center (The ITC) in Atlanta, GA, in 2009, Getting The Word Out: How To Market Your Ministry has been endorsed by some of the region’s most prolific and respected theologians and pastors. These endorsers include Dr. Teresa Hairston founder and publisher of Gospel Today and the Gospel Heritage Annual Conference; Bishop Andy C. Lewter of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, ( Amityville, NY); Presiding Bishop William DeVeaux of the Second District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (Washington, DC); Dr. Michael Battle, former president of The ITC and the new U. S. Representative to the African Union, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Reverend Marvin A. Moss, senior pastor, Cascade United Methodist Church (Atlanta, GA); Reverend Dr. Joe Samuel Ratliff, senior pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church (Houston, TX);Reverend Benjamin F. Morrow Jr., senior pastor at Jeffries Cross Baptist Church (Burlington, NC); Reverend  Dr. Walter L. Kimbrough, former senior pastor, Cascade United Methodist Church (retired); Reverend Dr T. DeWitt Smith Jr; former president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. and senior pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church of Metro Atlanta (Decatur, GA); and Reverend Ronnie Miller-Yow, former president of the Black Methodist Church Renewal, and  pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church (Little Rock, AR).  The second edition of the book was further endorsed by George Fraser, president and CEO of FraserNet, Inc. and the Power Networking Conference; Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., pastor emeritus at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church (Cleveland, OH);  Reverend Dr. William Flippin, senior pastor, Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church (DeKalb County, GA); Bishop Dale Bronner,  founder and senior pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral (Austell, Ga); Dr. Bernice King, CEO of The King Center, and daughter of Dr. M. L. King Jr; and Reverend Dr. R. L. White, senior pastor of Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church and president of the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP.

The Preface begins the book in a beneficial way by introducing the author and her qualifications to readers, while presenting the purpose of the book within the Church body.  Readers will get a strong sense of the book’s objective and how the author will familiarize readers with the marketing process.

Beginning each chapter with a verse of scripture that is appropriate for the chapter’s material allows the biblical content of the book to be at the forefront of the reader’s mind and their decisions.

“Considering the primary role of the church to reach the un-churched and bringing people to God, I believe that those churches who want to grow in this 21st century will do well to learn more about public relations and communications,” says Jackson-Ransom.  “I used the tools of marketing and public relations, my chosen profession for forty plus years, and applied the principles of evangelism. This is my personal ministry,” Jackson-Ransom added.

If your church budget will not accommodate a staff member dedicated to the tasks of marketing and public relations, this book will show the Public Relations Committee Chairperson how to handle just about every marketing task needed. If your church has assigned the task of marketing and/or public relations to an associate minister who has no hands-on experience in this field, this book is the answer. If you are a seasoned public relations or media specialist working within your church, this book will provide you with a focus and a strategy for directing your skills to work with a church and its ministries.


Let us not forget that you ministry can be a number of things — your non-profit organization, a project that you have created, and — of course — the ministry that you carry out within your church or place of worship.