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Cascade Book Signing 4-28-2010“How to Market Your Ministry and Getting the Word Out” can be presented as a seminar or workshop for church leadership  and for nonprofit organizations.  The workshops and seminars will provide pastors, ministers, church lay leaders, CEO’s, and volunteers with practical marketing know-how, best practices on how to engage the community, and concise communications tools and techniques for today’s competitive market designed to move your ministry and your organization to the next level.

Ms. Jackson-Ransom,  author of the book, Getting the Word Out: How to Market Your Ministries, offers a detailed seminar on the subject of using marketing techniques, coupled with effective communication tools and techniques, needed for evangelism in the 21st century.  Seminars are lecture presentations, incorporating questions and answers that are usually 2 – 3 hours.  Many of the appendices displayed in the book are provided as handouts in the seminar.

Her workshops are detailed with hand-on supervision on how to prepare the basic tools for internal and external communications, how to build community relations plans, and how to effectively use the media.  Workshops are more inter-active and are usually 4-5 hours, with a break.  Hand-outs include sample surveys, suggested (basic) web maps, and newsletters; a guide to assist in writing a biography; sample promotional event budgets, and much more.  Participants are engaged in how to build a media database, how to write press releases and media advisories, how to develop community outreach ideas that work, and how to create events to attract news coverage.

It is important to mention that the community relations/public engagement/community outreach presentation is an important part of the marketing mix — with emphasis on cost-effective marketing.

Seminars and workshops can be preplanned to focus on areas that are most needed within the specific church.  The most effective workshops are those that are preplanned – using the content of the book Getting the Word Out: How to Market Your Ministries,   Subject matter can be customized to meet the specific needs of the participants.

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I.   Setting Goals and Objectives
Include marketing as a part of your strategic planning process.  Have
you used focus groups to assist in determining goals?  Have you built a user-friendly
database of your church membership to clearly describe what resources you have
within your congregation?

II. Marketing and Branding – An Overview
What is marketing/branding; and how is a “brand” developed?  What is your image
within the greater community?  What do you do to enhance your image (your

III. Public Involvement / Community Affairs
Are you using community affairs as a marketing technique — to enhance your brand?
Determine who are your community stakeholders.  Develop a community engagement plan.

IV. Internal Communications
In what ways and how often does communication flow between church leadership
and members?  What role does social media play in your process of
communicating with your congregation?  Is it working?

V. External Communications
Preparing an effective marketing mix that includes media relations, community
relations, advertising & promotions, internet marketing, and social media.
Remembering this is where your brand is promoted.

VI. Special Efforts for Pastor**
The pastor’s anniversary; when the pastor writes a book; when a new pastor
arrives; and more.

 Special Workshops

 Managing a Media Crisis
Pre-planning for a crisis, whether or not the crisis is played out in the media or not, is usually the last thing we think about.  Plan now; because if you exist long enough, you will have a crisis.  Build your media crisis team and educate them on their individual roles.  Develop a written crisis plan.

Working with a Communication Committee
Assisting a church with the creation and maintenance of a Public Relations/Communications Committee.  Developing job descriptions, assigning realistic duties, and establishing an action plan with a time-line for your work.

Media Training**
Just because one can preach a great sermon does not mean that one is comfortable or effective in delivering an on-camera interview with an aggressive reporter.  Media training, with a TV camera and a TV journalist can be arranged for a single participant (the pastor) or a staff of church leaders.

  **Time permitting, we will cover these subjects.

Visiting Previous Workshops

Gospel Heritage

Dr. Teresa Hairston and Bunnie Jackson-Ransom have been professional friends for a long time, dating back to that period of time when Dr. Hairston was publisher (and founder) of Gospel Today Magazine, one of the longest running and most widely-distributed Christian Lifestyle magazines in history.  Currently, Jackson-Ransom has attended and participated in the annual Gospel Heritage Praise & Worship Conference (founded in 1996 by Dr. Hairston).  We were blessed to present a seminar at this conference and to provide our professional services to assist in the promotion of Gospel Heritage Praise & Worship.





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