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I believe there are no coincidences in meeting people and situations in life.  These “chance” meetings that we have now and then when people come into our lives – it’s usually for a reason.  Opportunities  arranged by a higher power.

Rev. William Barber
Bunnie Jackson-Ransom and Rev. William Barber

Such was the case when I sat at Delta Air Lines’ terminal gate in the Atlanta Airport on my way to Washington, DC.  I was sitting across from, and starring at,  this man who looked familiar.  He was napping and also engrossed in his telephone conversations.   After about thirty minutes, my curiosity got the best of me and I go up to speak to him.  I apologized for interrupting his conversation and asked “Are you from North Carolina?” to which he said “yes.”  Then I asked, “Are you Reverend Barber?” and he said “sometimes.”

We had a wonderful conversation, and I explained that I was familiar with his career.  Having worked with The King Center in Atlanta, I was handling the media for Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday where Dr. Barber was the guest speaker at the 48th annual Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  I was familiar with his biography and very impressed when I heard him deliver the sermon for the occasion.  After all, he is a graduate of North Carolina Central University, my Alma Mater, which makes us both “eagles.”   We talked about the NAACP and other causes that he represented – more specifically his “Moral Mondays.”

As I begin to walk away, I remembered that I did not tell him about my book,  “Getting the Word Out How to Market Your Ministry.”  Oops!  I had to fix that.  So I spent another 15 minutes talking about marketing for churches and the value of my book.  The great thing is, Dr. Barber agreed with me. The exciting part is that he promised to get in touch and to have me come to Goldsboro, NC and speak to his church.  I am excited.

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