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I have been having a wonderful time meeting with Bishops, Elders, Pastors and Lay Leaders during the past 30 days.
We have been busy with a few consultations and have not posted a blog. But, I’ve learned so much from my association with these church leaders. I want to process all of it, getting different points of view and additional information from these experiences, to help others with ministry marketing situations. A couple of days in Macon GA at the AME 6th District conference, talking with pastors from a wide range of churches (small, medium and large) has given me another fresh opportunity to examine and improve some of the techniques I wrote about in my book Getting the Word Out: How to Market Your Ministry.

My seminars are becoming more focused on specific ministry marketing challenges, such as “How to plan and implement a church event and fill the seats?” or “How to get on the radio with no money?” Another very interesting and challening subject matter that some churches and organizations are asking about is “What should you do when a crisis is knocking at your door?” I have developed a general template for crisis management and will be able to provide this to churches and other organization.

Stay tuned.

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