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Photo CL, AEL, ML, TF, RS, MLA group of community activists and local pastors came together to provide “Water for Flint”.  This collaborative wanted to do something that the members of the community could pull off with people working together.  Mt Carmel Baptist Church, The Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority,  Hosea Helps, First Class, Inc Public Relations, The Voter Empowerment Collaborative, Ministers from Clayton County,  AIM Steel International, and many others joined in to donate their professional expertise and time toward the project.  First Class, Inc. donated our expertise in “Getting the Word Out” about this aid in the relief efforts for Flint, MI.

The team set goals. Our goal was to get media coverage, so we came up with a media plan, wrote a press release and started “pitching” the story to radio and TV.  To that end we were very successful.  We secured media sponsors for radio and TV, but in order to get good sponsor support, we had to offer the potential sponsors exclusivity.

Our radio sponsor ran PSAs throughout the day and interviewed several of the parties involved on 4 different talk shows.  Our TV sponsor ran daily PSAs, carried the story at least 3x’s on the news, and featured Water for Flint on their mid-day talk show. Both our sponsors covered the actual event on the day of and participated in the press conference. One TV camera came and shared the footage with others.

The collaborators set a goal of 100,000 bottles of water and the project actually collected 400,050 bottles of water.

It just goes to show that when you “Get The Word Out”, you will have the success you seek.


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Connice Leverett, with Hosea Helps; Rev. Albert E. Love, Chairman of the Voter Empowerment Collaborative; Michael Langford, United Youth Adult Conference; Rev. Timothy Fleming, Pastor at Mount Carmel Baptist Church;  Reginald Smith, with Hosea Helps; and  Miriam Ledesma, with Hosea Helps.

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