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Creating a Tag Line and Logo for your Church
Creating a Tag Line and Logo for your Church







Branding is a never ending process, but it begins with your image expressed through your logo and tag line. There are two important factors to consider when creating your tag line and logo- they should reflect the mission of your church and offer an even clearer understanding of the collective vision of your church members.

Most people prefer to start with the tag line before working on the logo;  if we approach this “logically” the tag line does comes first. Think of all the different businesses and organizations in the world, there are probably over a million different tag lines- the words you choose should standout and capture ones attention. You want your tag line to not only standout but to describe your vision as well. Your tagline should also be short, the challenge is to make a tag line with all of these things.  Here’s a tag line everyone can recognize . . . “A Mind is A Terrible Thing to Waste.”

Now that you have an idea about the process of creating a tag line you can start thinking about a logo. The logo is usually a visual statement of your tag line. Some logos are simple, they may only be the name of the organization with distinct fonts. However you choose to design your logo, it should be easy to read. Your logo should be striking and recognizable.

Once you have decided on several versions of your tag line and your logo, orchestrate a focus group made up of church members, and a few other people not associated with the church, to help make the decision. “Brainstorming” sessions can be effective and beneficial.

When the logo and the tag line are selected, make a big deal about the process, after-all you did work hard! Have a “roll-out” of the product during a Sunday service. Place the logo on all of your collateral materials and property- such as the church bus.

Your new logo may also produce new fundraising opportunities- order a few shirts and other materials with the tag line and logo on it to get your word out!



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