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wish you were here

The good news is, I am about to spend my Christmas Holiday at Port Antonio in Jamaica with my family.

I’m taking a break from. . . . I’ve been in the marketing business since 1975 – 40 years. It’s time for me to take a break. I am not ready to quit, yet; but I am not as anxious to get out of bed at 6:00 a.m. Thank God I have several able bodied assistants who work for me. I spend time working for my children and loving every minute. I give away too much of my service; but that’s me and I cannot see me changing at this late date.

So thank you, Carmen Hampton, Rita Barrett, Maynard Jackson III, Brion Craig, and Wendy Jackson. Check out my company website – and read about us and what we do.

We have some pretty good clients and we appreciate them and their business. We thoroughly enjoy working for the churches when they call on us to help them “market their ministries.”

I have four children, all of them are entrepreneurs – wonder where they got that idea? Elizabeth, Brooke, Maynard III, and Rae Yvonne. All of them are married and I get along very well with their spouses and the families. I worry about them, pray for them all the time, and love them unconditionally. I have the audacity to work for some of them. What role do I play – I am their public relations/marketing consultant. What else?

Elizabeth and her husband, Howie call on me to help with various projects with which they are involved. I have placed stories on them and their work in Black Enterprise and local newspaper in cities where they do business.

Brooke and her husband Rod use my services in the area of community affairs and public engagement, and media relations for their businesses. I do press releases, place stories, and whatever they ask me to do.

Maynard and his wife Wendy are producing a film and I must admit that they are monopolizing my time. Maynard also works here at First Class in the area of public engagement and community affairs. He has a special client – the American Voters League, which we plan to be giving a lot of time and attention to during 2016.

Rae and her husband Kevin are newlyweds (3 years). I have not done much for them YET; but they know they can count on me as their careers kick into second gear – Kevin just passed the bar and we are so proud of him.

It’s December and the holidays are here. I’m feeling mushy about Christmas and being thankful for all of God’s blessings he/she continues to bestow on us.  As we prepare for 2016, please don’t forgetbeach scene
that we must get the word out telling our stories about our products and services if our business and ministries are going to succeed. So, during the month of December, we are going to sell the book “Getting the Word Out: How to Market Your Ministry” for $10.00 each, plus shipping. Call the office and place your order.

Thank you for your love and support.

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