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Endorsements for Getting the Word Out:  How to Market Your Ministry

Reverend Dr. Cameron Alexander, Senior Pastor of Antioch North Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA) and former President of the Georgia Baptist Association – Sister Bunnie Jackson-Ransom has been a blessing to me and Antioch Baptist Church North for many years.  Now, she has exceeded expectations with her book, Getting the Word Out:  How to Market Your MinistryAs pastors, our challenge is to read this book and implement some of the tools and techniques that eliminate the divide between effective marketing techniques and technology in the 21 century and what we have been doing for the past 50 years or so.  She has awakened a new evangelistic call by using methods to help us with God’s great commission.  Let’s give Sister Jackson-Ransom a hand for her enthusiasm and commitment to work with ministers and lay-leaders; I encourage you to invite her into you churches and take advantage of her workshops and seminars.

Dr. Michael A. Battle, former President, The Interdenominational Theological Center (Atlanta, GA) Ms. Jackson-Ransom is to be commended for developing this exceptional public relations and marketing resource for the Church.  Her years of success, representing clients and managing the reputations and activities of individuals and organizations in the public and private sector, have produced a savvy handbook that appropriates that same professional media and marketing know-how to pastors and lay leaders.  Clear and concise, the instruction should empower readers to better understand the requisite approach, timing and professional response that today’s competitiveness requires to effectively represent ministry through media.  It is truly “First Class”!

Bishop Dale C. Bronner, D. Min, Founder/Senior Pastor,  Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral (Austell, GA)Bunnie Jackson-Ransom, who loves God and loves people, has given the church world a precious gift of practical strategies which helps us build a bridge from the church to the community!  Its foresight and wisdom helps us to be proactive to prevent and prepare rather than merely repent and repair.

Presiding Bishop William P. DeVeaux, Second Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Church– I am highly pleased to recommend this new book, Getting the Word Out:  How to Market Your Ministry OR Communication Tools and Tactics You Need for Evangelism.  It is information much needed and should be in the libraries of pastors and church leaders everywhere.  This is a clear demonstration of how marketing principles can be applied to enhance the work of churches.  Readers will discover insights into the possibilities of spreading the gospel.

Reverend Dr. William A. Flippin, Senior Pastor, Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church (DeKalb Co, GA) – This book is a must read for every pastor and church leader.  The whole idea of “marketing our church and ministry” is relatively new in our culture.  Bunnie Jackson-Ransom has this matter of fact style when she speaks and writes.  Her advice and experience are sound.  The world is changing at a rapid pace.  Yet, the church continues to lag behind with outdated methods that will not reach future generations.  Her passion is evident when she spoke to our church staff and leaders.  Her work and guidance with our public relations team, church trustees, and ministry staff has already yielded positive results.   Not only read this book, but allow Bunnie to speak personally and coach your team on these principles.  We are proud she came our way.

George C. Fraser, Author; Success Runs In Our Race, (Cincinnati, Ohio) – Thank you Bunnie Jackson-Ransom for Part II of these insights, gems and nuggets of brilliance. You have put your heart, money and soul into this important masterwork.  I was not only informed and inspired, but empowered by your impressive research, commitment, words and ideas on this critical subject of good “public relations” for the Black church. You have the answers and they are timely and needed. All those charged with the responsibility of leading 21st century churches will learn valuable lessons by internalizing and acting on the rigorously thought-out solutions you laid out in Getting The Word Out; How To Market Your Ministry, Second Edition.  Bravo! Ministers now have something worth reading on this critical subject of marketing the right way. Thank you so much for this powerful gift.

Dr. Teresa Hairston, Founder and Publisher, Gospel Today Magazine and Founder of the Gospel Heritage Conference – The goal of every person in ministry is to reach the masses; it is the core of the Great Commission given to every Christian. Whether you are a pastor, musical artist or public relations specialist, this book will provide insightful information as well as practical tips that will help you! Dig into this resource and keep it within reach as you seek to build your ministry or help someone with his or her God-endeavor.

Reverend Dr. Walter L. Kimbrough, former Senior Pastor, Cascade United Methodist Church, (Atlanta, GA)   –  Bunnie Jackson-Ransom has provided a masterpiece for the local church in the discovery and implementation of a marketing ministry. Getting the Word Out: How to Market Your Ministry is a critical resource for every congregation to be read and utilized. Ms. Jackson-Ransom is an entrepreneur and a practitioner.  My ministry was enriched by her knowledge, professionalism and commitment.

Bernice A. King, last born daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King – In fulfilling his Kingdom assignment, my father and the people of the Movement made great use of the  media in reaching the masses in the 1950’s and 1960’s as they moved to change America for the better.  When I think of all they achieved, I can only imagine how much better our nation might be, if they would have had access to all of the 21st century media resources that we have available today.  This book by Bunnie Jackson-Ransom is a practical and enlightening guide for today’s pastors and leaders who wish to utilize 21st century tools and techniques to help them effectively communicate with the masses in fulfilling their Kingdom assignments.

Bishop Andy C. Lewter, D. Min.,  Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, (Amityville, NY) – In a time when the church finds itself battling corporate giants for the attention of people, this book by Bunnie Jackson-Ransom is like an oasis in the midst of a desert.  I am delighted to recommend and encourage pastors, ministers, church leaders and the laity to make this book apart of your library.  The task of marketing ministry has become increasingly difficult in a digital culture where immediacy is a priority.  This book helps the reader navigate the land mines that cause many ministries to falter.  I hope that this is only the first in a series of books from Sister Jackson-Ransom.

Reverend Ronnie Miller-Yow, President of Black Methodist for Church Renewal [BMCR] and Pastor of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church (Little Rock, AR) –  Bunnie Jackson-Ransom came to the annual meeting of the Black Methodist for Church Renewal (BMCR) and presented her seminar on “Getting the Word Out:  How to Market Your Ministry” [the title of her book]. Her presentation was made to a standing-room-only audience; her seminar received nothing but exemplary comments and was the best rated seminar during the conference.  She sold out of the books she brought.  As a matter of fact, I am making plans to bring her to the church where I serve as pastor.  I think this tells the story about what we think of Ms. Jackson-Ransom and what she brings to the ministry.  The book is well-written and the message is easy to interpret and implement.  My bottom line is “bring it on” sister, because our churches and ministries need to hear what you have to say.

The Reverend Benjamin F. Morrow Jr., Senior Pastor, Jeffries Cross Baptist Church (Burlington, NC) – As a bi-vocational senior pastor of a rural church who also works for a leading technology corporation, I am very excited about the publication of this book.  Oftentimes, churches recognize the need to use “best practices” to engage the community, but lack practical instruction to aid them in doing so.  To that end, I believe this book will become an invaluable resource to pastors and church leaders alike.  Ms. Jackson-Ransom brings decades of practical marketing experience to bear in an entirely new arena.  The result, for churches that put these practices to use, is certain to be a more powerful evangelistic punch!  I highly recommend these approaches to my colleagues in the ministry.

The Reverend Marvin A. Moss, Senior Pastor, Cascade United Methodist Church (Atlanta, GA) – Ms. Jackson-Ransom has masterfully captured the essence of marketing your ministry.  Getting the Word Out is not just another “for your information resource,” but it is relevant and practical.  She takes a corporate tool and transforms it into a kingdom building discipline that is sure to enhance any ministry and its image.  As the former Communications Director for Cascade United Methodist Church, she has demonstrated that she is qualified to lead others as they win souls for Christ.  This is a must have for all churches desiring to move their ministry to the next level.

The Reverend Dr. Otis Moss Jr., Pastor Emeritus, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church (Cleveland, Ohio) – Every institution needs a professional framework and expertise to communicate its mission and message.  Bunnie Jackson provides this kind of excellence to enhance our message and mission to the wider world.

The Reverend Joe Samuel Ratliff, Senior Pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church (Houston, TX) – I for one wish this book had been available 44 years ago when I first became a pastor.  The “Tools and Tactics” presented here are extremely valuable to the process of building a church in the 21st century.  I trust that Ms. Jackson-Ransom will make herself available on the speaking circuit bringing this kind of hand-on information directly to our pastors and church leaders.

Reverend Dr T. DeWitt Smith Jr., former President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. and Senior Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church of Metro Atlanta (Decatur, GA) –  Bunnie Jackson-Ransom writes a worthy book that every Church Leader should make a permanent part of their curriculum in Christian Education and Leadership Training. Indeed, seminaries and Bible colleges would find this a great resource for Church Development courses. She takes the drudgery out of marketing and makes it a manageable ministry for the local church. She has proven that you can launch the work of the LORD from the Word of the LORD, and do all that Jesus requires when it comes to promotion of the kingdom of God, and winning souls. This is a “must read” book of information with digestive instructions.

Reverend Dr. R. L. White; Senior Pastor, Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA), and President of the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP – At last Bunnie Jackson-Ransom has put into words some of the things she has advised me on over the years. Bunnie has been invaluable to me as president of the Atlanta branch of the NAACP for the past 16 years, and pastor of Mount Ephraim Baptist Church for 43 years. I have learned to trust her expertise in “Getting the word out.”  As religious servants, we ministers are often insensitive to the importance of better informed constituents. This literary work is eye opening for any pastor or religious leader who depends on information getting to everyone who needs to know anything important to the good of the church. I wholeheartedly endorse this work and suggest every pastor to get a copy.