Does your ministry (church) need a communications committee or a marketing committee?

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communicationI work daily at First Class, Inc.  — a marketing, publications agency that deals with communications and “getting the word out” using a variety of techniques further explained in my book Getting the Word Out: How to Market Your Ministry.  Today, I am preparing to do a seminar at a local church — Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church in Decatur, GA — to assist them with establishing a new communication committee.  Or maybe it should be a marketing committee with a communications sub-committee; and the list of sub-committees could go on and on. i.e. —  outreach committee; advertising committee,  public relations committee, etc.

We plan to discuss establishing what the committee has been charged to do — such as  communicating with present members and keeping them engaged or attracting new members.  Questions likely to be raised include:  Which comes first — keeping what we have? Getting new folks into our pews?   Can we do both?  Of course!   Frankly, it boils down to what the church objectives are.  We have to be strategic in the planning process.

Here are some questions we need to answer:  What talents are needed on the committee?  What are the demographic of the church in terms of being computer savvy and actually reading a blog and using social media?  Should we continue to lean on  traditional techniques and some old fashion signage?

Greater Piney Grove has already done a tremendous job of marketing the ministries found in their church.  It is commendable that they want to do a better job.  After all, it’s all about winning souls for Christ.

Let’s see what happens at this session.  I’m excited.

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