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I really love my work!  But sometimes its hard out hear for those of us who do PR on a daily basis.  After all, just defining the word “PR”  is confusing.   I was working all day yesterday for a special “paying” client. (nothing to do with marketing your ministry — meaning a ministry program at church.)   We were designing a simple brochure for the client.  Now,  I am not a graphic designer; but — to save money –I put my “publisher” skill to use and delivered a good one-fold brochure.  This was no award-winning piece of design work, but then I admit I am no graphic designer.    Lesson learned.  Never take on a creative piece of work when you take direction from several people.  But I knew that, so why didn’t I do it.  After making more than ten changes (not errors, just changes), we finally deliverd a version that was printed.  All in a days work.   So now I’m writing procedures for creative projects that I let myself get talked into doing.   Until next time, Bunnie

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