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When I take on a new client – even with clients I have worked with for years – we concentrate on 6a00d8341cc30c53ef0120a6aef7ff970bbuilding a media library that contains many pieces of promotional materials that you will surely need as you “market your ministries and your brand.” Keep these materials separately stored on your computer so you can get to them when needed.
Just about all of these things will be on your website. However, if someone requests your bio and your photo, do not send them to your website for the information. Send these items as attachments in a direct email to the persons making the request. Many times, the photos that are pulled from online are too small for media to use in printed publications. And, most of the time, I find that people can be a little lazy and will not take the time to look for your information.
Consider including these things in your media library:
1. Bios (I don’t mean resumes). Depending upon your station in life, you may need a professional bio and a personal bio. When using this bio to send to media, DO NOT embed your photo into the copy. If you are sending the bio for other reasons, it is appropriate to put the photo into the same page as the bio. Getting The Word Out: How To Market Your Ministry (the book) includes a section on how to write a bio which includes a form for gathering information needed to write your bio.

2. A professional photo – a head shot – and an action-shot photo. If you are a preacher, it might be good to have a photo of you in your preaching garb (robe, etc.) standing behind the pulpit. Likewise, get an action photo of you doing what you do.

3. A history of your business / your ministry. Format this document so it looks professional.

4. If you are a church, include a photo of your ministries – the choir, the young people, etc. If you are a business, include a photo of your staff.

5. A video of the ministries in action. Something that you could place on YouTube, if necessary. We are not suggesting a sermon. This is more like a promotional video that talks about who, what, why.

6. Copies of press release that have been created on your organization and you.

7. Copies of news clippings that might have appeared in the press. If you’ve been on radio and/TV consider purchasing the news clip (from a clipping service) and keeping this in a format that does not disappear in a few months. (This is why we suggest purchasing the clip from a clipping service. Most of the clips you get from on line will disappear after the link you connect to is eliminated.)

8. A summary of any book(s) or articles that you might have written.

Keep the media library updated.article-2465776-18D129B300000578-775_964x863

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